Find out what Carol Smillie learned from EweMove

After Carol Smillie read our reviews and then spoke to lots of our customers to see why we’ve been rated the UK’s Most Trusted Estate Agent, she interviewed Glenn Ackroyd, one of the Co-Founders.
This short video tells you exactly why EweMove are so different to other estate agents and why our business has enjoyed rapid growth on the back of customer recommendations.
Now of course, you can sell with a traditional ‘old school’ agent – and there are some really good ones out there, but in the main they have a bad reputation.
And the best part of my service is that it’s risk free. If you’re not happy at any time, you can leave and it won’t cost you a penny…
Enough of the sales pitch. I’m beginning to sound like an old school estate agent!
If you’re thinking of selling, I’d expect you to ask a couple of agents around, but I’d be delighted if you would give me a chance as well to explain why we’re different and our customers love us.
Would you be happy to do that?

Energy Performance Certificate

I shouldn’t need to write this, but I’ve seen too many people being ripped off – so I wanted to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

When you sell your house, you must have an EPC – short for “Energy Performance Certificate”. It’s a rating of energy efficiency on a range of A-G.

Anyway, since 2007, you can’t list your home for sale or let without one and estate agents will help you get them.

What you probably don’t realise is that estate agents can get these ‘wholesale’ and charge a tidy mark up… But worse, some agents tell you to get them, even though you don’t need a new one!

That’s because they are valid for 10 years. So if you’ve bought during that period, you can use your existing certificate.

To see there is one on your house and download it now (for free!), click the link below and enter your postcode. You can also check your neighbours to see how your house compares!

Click Here for EPC Register

Remember, I’m here to help, so if you’ve got any questions you can call me or email me

Questions for buyers

Listen to my Stray FM interview and hear tips on questions to ask when buying a home.

You need to be careful

If you’ve ever asked an estate agent into your home, they will be all nice as apple pie and then they’ll whip out their contract.
This is where you need to be really, really careful. All contracts are NOT the same.
Before you sign your life away and do something you might regret, watch this guide.
It tells you what to look out for and the pitfalls to avoid.
Good luck and email me if you’ve got any questions.
Click the image or link below to watch the video now:

Because sales agreements can be complicated, if you have any questions, feel free to email me, or give me a call.

Confident your sale/purchase won’t fall through?

The figures are higher than you might think! A survey by Quick Move in July 2015 cited the fall through rate at 36%. That’s right, more than 1 in 3 transactions did not complete in the period reported, the second quarter of 2015. Whilst these figures were a sharp increase on the reported 22% in quarter 1 of 2015 the first half of the year average fallout rate was still higher than you might expect at 28%.

It’s widely quoted that moving home is one of the 3 most stressful experiences in our lives. Being aware of the potential issues and taking proactive steps to manage the sales progression process will significantly reduce this fall through rate and hopefully reduce those stress levels.

The reality is, buying and selling property can be a long drawn-out affair. It can be confusing and understanding the trade jargon and the conveyancing process is a job in itself. The most common reason, accounting for 22% of sales falling through, is the buyer changing their mind. The reasons for this are varied and clearly if someone just simply decides the house is not for them or their personal circumstances change then there’s not a lot that can be done to change that.

However, by addressing the points below we should be able to eradicate many of the reasons around funding, not understanding the chain, unrealistic timing expectations and getting cold feet through not being confident in the process or completely informed.

Qualification of the buyer’s funds​:

Make sure your agent checks the buyer’s finances. In the sample data 16% of sales fell through due to the buyer not being able to secure the finances. If purchasing with a mortgage, this should be visibility of a recent Mortgage in Principle supplemented by visibility of the deposit. It is sensible to make sure there is a surplus to cover further disbursements. If your buyer says they are a cash buyer make sure they really mean cash as opposed to being dependent upon the sale of a property. Again your agent should verify the cash funds/assets.

Understand the chain​:

From the sample data 5.8% of sales fell through due to the chain breaking. Knowing where you are in the chain and understanding the respective positions of your fellow buyers and sellers will help to manage expectations. It may be possible that the chain could be broken, for example, someone may be willing to move into rented property to protect their sale. It’s important to seek guidance from your agent and be realistic with timescales around exchange and completion dates.

Buyers and sellers – be proactive​:

The whole process can be sped up if both buyer and seller get on the front foot straight away. From the sample data 13% of sales fell through due to a slow sales process. Both parties should instruct their respective solicitors and return paperwork as soon as possible. The buyer should make sure they apply for their mortgage immediately and pay for their solicitor to instruct the searches.

Work with your solicitor to respond to any enquiries in a timely fashion.

Regular sales progression updates​:

One of the most frustrating and understandable complaints from buyers and sellers is the lack of regular updates. Make sure you schedule regular updates with your agent.

A good agent will be proactive and update you once a week after making calls to solicitors and other agents thereby being able to keep you fully informed and giving you confidence in the process and its outcome.

How much are you willing to reveal?

When you put your house on the market AND when you show people around, the law is very clear on what you can and can’t say.

Get it wrong and you could end up in court. Most people don’t have a clue as to how serious this is.
It’s so important that we’ve prepared a video which you must watch before you do any viewings on your home. If you have any questions, email me or give me a call.
Click the image or link below to watch the video now:


When it comes to marketing you get some brilliant estate agents. They have great websites, are open 24/7, they have online chat and text.
But some just sit they and expect the phone to ring… They are too important to actually go out of the way and engage with customers. Your potential buyers.
So it really is crucial that you have a good hard look at the agent you’re thinking of choosing to make sure that they cut the mustard.
This quick video gives you what you need to look out for.
Click the image or link below to watch the video now:

Open All Hours

If you never watched “Open All Hours” on T.V. you must be very young 🙂
As the name suggests, it’s about a corner shop, that’s always open. It was unusual back in the 1980’s, but these days, everything is 24/7.
We expect 24/7 banking, petrol stations and even shopping.
But estate agents are very slow to keep up. Yet most people browse for properties in the evening or weekend, which is also when they’re free to view.
So why are most estates agents shut?
If you can find one that meets the demands of buyers and is open 24/7, guess what? You’ve got more chance of selling.
Watch this video to see just how important having a 24/7 estate agent really is.
Click the image or link below to watch the video now:

Have you been to Harrods lately?

I ask because imagine you’ve seen a nice outfit in the window display and you’ve longed to buy it. It looks amazing until you see the price tag!
Now imagine that same outfit in a Primark window for £15… You’d probably do what I do and dismiss it.
And it’s the same with property.
Did you know that surveys have shown that 60% of buyers will view a property on the estates website, after first seeing it on Rightmove or Zoopla?
So if the website is poorly presented and not easy to navigate, well, you may lose a buyer who doesn’t like shopping at Primark…
Most people overlook this – The estate agent’s website is vital if you want to sell. Watch this video which covers what you need to look for when choosing between agents.
Click the image or link below to watch the video now:
If you like the look of our award winning website and would like to know how to get your property on there, get in touch.

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