You’ve got 2.8 seconds

Where do you look for your next home? 90% or more are now looking on Rightmove or Zoopla for their next home.

Within 5 miles of Harrogate there are over 800 properties for sale on Rightmove. I appreciate that most home hunters will narrow the search but even so it’s really important to try and make your home stand out.

The average house hunter will spend a whole 2.8 seconds making a decision whether they should click through to look at the full details of your home. Lets face it more who look at the full details the more you are likely to get viewers therefore the higher chance of an offer.

How can you make sure your one of those that they do click through to look?

The first and foremost thing to do is make sure that your photographs will attract attention. What makes you look….the normal and not very exciting is a photo of the front of your property. Is that really the winning shot? Could something else grab attention better?

At EweMove we are professionally trained to take great shots and we don’t do the normal. The result is that our click through rate and therefore viewings are much higher than the norm. The average is under 5% of people looking click through. Ours are above 7% that’s almost half as many people again looking at the full details on your home. That then follows that you will have many more viewings and hopefully more offers.

What else can you do to grab the attention and how can you be different with the photo’s? Watch out for my next blog or check out our web site.


Home Moving Trends Survey

As you’ll have gathered, I like to quote lots of facts and figures from various studies and reports.

One resource that I use a lot is the Property Academy Surveys. That’s because they compile reports from Vendors and Estate Agents which give incredible insight.

Here are a few interesting facts from the 2013 Home Moving Trends Survey:

  • 70% of Sellers expected an agent to keep in touch with them at least once per week
  • 60% of buyers visited the estate agents website to view the properties for sale
  • 72% expect their property to be on the market in between 1-3 days
  • Only 1% of people surveyed used Newspapers as their preferred way of searching for properties…

Knowing these facts can help you target your property and market it effectively to the right buyer audience.

The report is fascinating and well worth a read.

You can view it online here >

If I can help you with your house selling plans, call me.

Right To Rent Landlords – are you prepared for Right To Rent?

Tom Lawrence, branch director of EweMove Harrogate, tells you what you need to know about Right to Rent in this latest blog.

Last year probably fell into the “Annus Horribilis” bracket for many landlords with the changes to letting legislation and then the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. There’s so much to think about these days and to add to that, from February 1st 2016 landlords effectively become an extension of the UK Border Agency!

Overview: From February 1st landlords will have to conduct the appropriate checks to ensure that their prospective tenants have the right to rent property in the UK. What does this mean practically?

There are 4 basic steps to conducting a Right To Rent check.

Step 1: Establish the adults who will live in the property as their only/main home.

Step 2: The landlord/managing agent must obtain original versions from the acceptable document list. The documents are categorised, in the most basic sense, according to whether the applicant has a time limited right to be in the UK or not.

Step 3: The documents must be checked in the presence of the holder of the documents.

Step 4: Make copies of the documents and retain them recording the date of the check.

The landlord/agent is not entitled to keep the original document provided by the prospective tenant. In conducting the check the Data Protection Act should be adhered to. Full details of the document lists and any other query relating to Right To Rent can be found in the: Code of Practice

Landlords found to be in breach of the Right To Rent face a penalty of up to £3,000.

When should the checks be done? Landlords/agents should check all prospective occupiers’ right to rent before granting a residential tenancy agreement.

Progress and Review: February 1st is effectively the national rollout of Right To Rent that was trialled from December 2014 in parts of the West Midlands. The feedback from the initial trial is being reviewed by an expert consultative panel set up by the Government. Immigration minister James Brokenshire said: “Landlords with property in England need to prepare now for the new Right to Rent scheme to ensure they are ready for 1 February. “Ahead of the scheme’s roll out, we have been working closely with an expert panel to make sure their feedback is taken on board and to design a scheme that is as simple and light touch as possible.
Many responsible landlords have already been undertaking similar checks – these are straightforward and do not require any specialist knowledge. “Right to Rent is part of the Government’s wider reforms to the immigration system to make it stronger, fairer and more effective. Those with a legitimate right to be here will be able to prove this easily and will not be adversely affected. The scheme is about deterring those without the right to live, work or study in the UK from staying here indefinitely”.

Tom Lawrence is branch director of EweMove Harrogate, offering residential property sales and lettings. EweMove covers Harrogate, Pateley Bridge and the surrounding villages, but help landlords and sellers in other areas too.

A day in the life of a EweMove Estate Agent

I’m often asked by clients do I have an office. With only 3% of buyers now finding their property in an estate agents there is no real need. Perhaps when you read this you’ll also see that, should I have a showroom, I would never be in it.

I started this morning at 7.00 am with some Business Networking where I have breakfast with a supportive group of different business people with a view to supporting each other in whichever way we can.

I went from there to do a viewing on a property. I don’t think it was what he was looking for but I subsequently sold (subject to contract) that property later in the day when the lady made an offer which was turned down. She raised her offer a couple of times and that was accepted.

Giving access to Mortagage Valuers is sometimes required so I went to let a valuer do his stuff on a one bedroom bungalow I had for sale.

Today I have two properties completing and I have to wait until the solicitor has received the funds before I can go and hand over the keys. I had a little time to spare so went to see the lady who had just had her offer accepted on the 3 bed terrace earlier today. There I took some proof of ID and of the funding available to purchase the property. This is always important as you don’t want to get 8 weeks in and find the purchase can’t be completed due to lack of funds.

Oh great! I can go and release the keys for the first house of the day. The new owner is a landlord and after some work will be letting the property.

Just time to grab a coffee and a sandwich whilst I wait for the next completion which is a two bed semi being sold to a brother and sister. It’s a lovely home and they plan to extend it making it even better. Just having my late lunch when the call comes through and I arrange to go and meet the lady at the new property. I have to say this is one of the nicest bits of the job handing over the keys.

Finally, before heading back to the office I have a viewing to do on a one bedroom semi. The lady loved it and had an offer accepted. Unfortunately a few days later she was unable to get her mortgage so it couldn’t go ahead.

All days are different and certainly no two are the same. The biggest thing for me is helping people to achieve their goal and in doing so relieve as much of the stress as possible with the house move. So if you’d like to find out how we do that visit

Podcast of Stray FM interview

Mark Davis and I talk all things property with Nick Hancock of StrayFM – How is Christmas affecting the property market? What should I be thinking about doing if I’m going to put my property on the market.?
Check it out


A Harrogate estate agency is celebrating its first year in business by notching up more than £4m in property sales.

EweMove Harrogate is the town’s first dedicated online estate agency with a team on the ground and its novel approach is winning the hearts of local people.

Branch Director Tom Lawrence said: “We have a completely different approach to traditional estate agents combining quirkiness and a sense of humour with honesty and first class customer care.

“Being called EweMove it’s not surprising that sheep feature quite a lot in our marketing and our customers – both buyers and sellers – love it.”

Tom who lives near Pateley Bridge added: “We have had a wonderful start to the business and demand has been such that we are seeing properties being sold literally within days of coming onto our site.

“Our biggest challenge is increasing our property portfolio to keep up with demand. The market in Harrogate is very buoyant at the moment and we are regularly selling homes for more than the original asking price.

“My advice to prospective buyers is if you see a property that you like, don’t hesitate because good properties don’t hang around for long.”

More information on EweMove can be found at

A smiling Tom Lawrence after a successful first year's trading

A smiling Tom Lawrence after a successful first year’s trading

Sundays, just another day in the week!

Church for saleWell Sundays should be just another day in the week for an Estate Agent, the days of 9 to 5 Monday to Friday are gone, sorry should be gone. Why do I say that?

Many people work those hours themselves therefore viewing a new home during those hours becomes incredibly difficult for them without taking precious time off their work. Today’s Estate Agent needs to be much more amenable to those whose time demands mean they’re unable to fit in with the Estate Agents hours of working.

I often show people around homes on a weekend, mainly on a Saturday but often on Sundays. The result is that I have negotiated offers on Sundays too which over the last 6 months has resulted in three sales (subject to contract) being made on a Sunday.

Retail stores are now opening longer and longer hours, people’s perceptions of availability and service have changed. Estate Agents have to move with the times and be available when the people looking at homes or wishing to sell their homes want them to be.

It’s not rocket science and I appreciate that many offices have a token receptionist in their offices during weekends but can they be of any real assistance other than to take a message. Recently a friend who wished to rent a flat filled out the form and took it through to the office on a Sunday, at least they were open, to be told “sorry no one here who can help you, come back tomorrow, Monday”.

This person wanted the flat so had to beg time off work at short notice to make the trip to the agents to hand in their application form. His opinion of the agents was blemished from the start.

When choosing an agent make sure that they have someone who can deal with offers or client enquiries weekends or evenings. If they don’t this could cost you lost viewings or even worse a lost sale of your home.

How much should I offer?

We sell many homes for folks in Harrogate and north Yorkshire generally and, very often, we are asked by buyers “how much should I offer?”
The truth is that that needs to be your decision. As estate agents, legally we act for the seller. I know a lot of estate agents don’t explain that quite so bluntly, but we think it’s much more helpful to start the relationship honestly. Our job, as estate agents, is to achieve the highest possible price in current market conditions, for the seller of the house.
But here’s the thing. We are the only estate agent to offer our buyers the “Happy Buyer Guarantee“. Which means that, after you’ve bought the house, if you’re unhappy for any reason, we will sell it for free. Check out all of the details of the guarantee here –
The Happy Buyer Guarantee is designed to give you the confidence to offer the right price on the home you want to live in.
What you offer can be based on a number of factors. Nowadays, you have the internet to help you to check out other local prices, so that you can see how the home you’re intending to buy compares to other properties, in terms of price.
If the vendor’s situation particularly suits you, that may be worth something to you as well. For example, if you’re in a hurry and the owners have already found a property to move to, that speed and simplicity of move may make the property worth a little more to you. All of this you can take into account.
What we find though, is that people decide to buy a home based on how they feel about it. If you’ve walked into a property and it just “felt” right then make the offer that suits you. If you can imagine living there, if it has what you need in terms of space and amenities, then make us an offer and we will take it to the sellers on your behalf.
We act for the seller. And we know that many of our buyers become sellers again in the future. And many of them choose to come back to us because we were so helpful when they bought.

How much does an Estate Agent cost?

We sell properties in Harrogate every single week. Our clients are always thrilled with our service after the event and I’ve received cards, and even presents, from happy clients along the way.

But the question people always want to know is “how much does it cost to use an Estate Agent?”

At EweMove, we choose to include absolutely everything in our standard fee, that includes:
  • Accompanied viewings – we ALWAYS bring viewers to your house, you never have to worry about doing it.
  • Professional photographs – a picture, they say, takes a thousand words. We believe that and take exactly the right photos.
  • Personal, one to one, service – you, the client, will ALWAYS deal with me. your file will never be passed to an office junior to handle.
  • Out of hours service – we take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Honestly. Try it. We regularly take offers on a Sunday, when folks have time to talk as a family, and when most estate agents are closed.
  • Massive internet publicity – your property will be featured on several national websites and our own, award winning, EweMove site as well as pushed through social media.
  • And our Happy Buyer Guarantee – we are the only estate agent in the UK to offer your buyer a guarantee, taking away any worries they may have.
We do much more than this, invite us along to have a look at your home and you can grill me with any other questions you have about the whole process.
We do more than any other estate agent to sell your house and make the whole process stress free. And with our fees starting at just 1%+VAT, including everything above, and much more, you’ll soon find out what good value we are.