How much does an Estate Agent cost?

We sell properties in Harrogate every single week. Our clients are always thrilled with our service after the event and I’ve received cards, and even presents, from happy clients along the way.

But the question people always want to know is “how much does it cost to use an Estate Agent?”

At EweMove, we choose to include absolutely everything in our standard fee, that includes:
  • Accompanied viewings – we ALWAYS bring viewers to your house, you never have to worry about doing it.
  • Professional photographs – a picture, they say, takes a thousand words. We believe that and take exactly the right photos.
  • Personal, one to one, service – you, the client, will ALWAYS deal with me. your file will never be passed to an office junior to handle.
  • Out of hours service – we take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Honestly. Try it. We regularly take offers on a Sunday, when folks have time to talk as a family, and when most estate agents are closed.
  • Massive internet publicity – your property will be featured on several national websites and our own, award winning, EweMove site as well as pushed through social media.
  • And our Happy Buyer Guarantee – we are the only estate agent in the UK to offer your buyer a guarantee, taking away any worries they may have.
We do much more than this, invite us along to have a look at your home and you can grill me with any other questions you have about the whole process.
We do more than any other estate agent to sell your house and make the whole process stress free. And with our fees starting at just 1%+VAT, including everything above, and much more, you’ll soon find out what good value we are.

Kerbside appeal – you only get one chance to make a first impression

Have you heard the expression “kerbside appeal”?

I think it came over from America, but it’s a useful shorthand to help us remember that, when you’re selling your home, a potential buyer’s first (and last) impression, is vital.

What someone see when they first look at a photo of the outside of your house, what they see as they drive past to check it out, what they see as they pull up in the car to view the property, and what they see as they drive away, is all vital.
Here are a few ideas to maximise that “kerbside appeal”:
  • If you have a front garden, it is well worth making sure it is tidy, weed free and with the lawns mown.
  • If you have children of a certain age (anywhere between 2 and 25 in our experience!) try to make sure that there aren’t piles of pushbikes on the front lawn when people are due to view. My own sons always believed that if they left their bikes on the front lawn, that a magical fairy would tidy them up, all too often I was that magical fairy!
  • What’s on your windowsills? Take a critical look from outside. If anything needs tidying up it is well worth doing so.
The great news is, that as we take our photographs of your home, we will make sure we show it off in the best possible way.
If you’re thinking of putting your property in Harrogate on the market, do give us a call and we can advise you how best to prepare it for sale – it’s what we do.


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